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WHO I AM  - The Story - This song is a very intimate look at my personal journey, and how I came to be who I am. Ive often reflected on the fact that who I am is ever changing; we are all a work in progress. Ive made mistakes, lots of them. Ive reached for the brass ring, Ive grabbed it a couple of times, and Ive dropped it just as many. Ive had my heart broken, my trust betrayed and my words twisted. Ive been judged, condemned and redeemed. Ive known love and hate; Ive sought and shared forgiveness and mercy. Ive wallowed in the pits of despair, and Ive soared on wings and touched the face of God. I boastfully proclaimed this song was all about me, until a friend of mine heard it; she cried and then said that I had written a song all about HER life! I guess that proves were really not as different as we like to think we are!

WHO I AM -  Wasted too much time trying to figure it out, Complicated up the truth with doubt, Should have listened to my inner voice, Said I never really had a choice - I heard what they all had to say, but I never felt the same, I couldnt share my point of view, in fear of what Id lose, I questioned and I reasoned why, no place to run, no place to hide (CHORUS) And I traveled down this beaten path, Too scared to look, too lost to ask, And I did my best for being just a man, Well (no) Im not the first, I wont be the last, To make my way and not turn back, On this journey only few can understand, Down this long and winding roadto who I am. (v2) So many years in search of truth, through the pain I missed the proof, In hindsight I can clearly see, the way it was supposed to be, Broken hearts and sleepless nights, wasnt what I had in mind, But I knew deep down in time, all the wrongs would turn out right (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Some disguised as friends, but really demons, Armed with their smiles and hidden reasons, Through all the trials and all the treasons, I heard wisdom from my past, Saying hold on, this too shall pass.. (CHORUS) No Im not the first, I wont be the last, To make my way and not turn back, On this journey only few can understand, Down this long and winding road down this long and winding road To who I am. To who I am Its who I am (c) 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI


"Who I Am"
from the 2007 CD  "Outside The Lines"

Nick is still unable to resume his live performances. You can read what happened by visiting his Bio page.

until next month -
Keep reaching for the high notes!
Love Nick 

September 2017

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The eye of Hurricane Irma passed directly over us here in Naples Florida as a strong Catagory 4 Hurricane. We were very fortunate when it was over with no structural damage in our condo - however many of our neighbors weren't as lucky and the devastation to the landscape was quite surreal.  We are all ok and that's all that matters. The video was  taken from my window as the first eyewall was upon us.