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SUN DANCE - 2003 released in 2003 was critically acclaimed and hugely successful. Multi-nominated and highly reviewed, this CD set Nick Granato up as an artist/songwriter to watch in the coming years. SongFolk Journal honored Nick with their Horizon Award as well as nominations for his song Floridas Son. Rolling Stone, Billboard Magazine, Napster and many others praised this CD using the words; fresh, thought-provoking, and inspired. Nick was summoned for two seperate command performances by then Florida Governor Jeb Bush, as well as a national tour sponsored by Oceans First Foundation and Norwegian Cruise Lines. Sun Dance found favor amongst enviromentalist, beach enthusiasts and those who were drawn to Nicks simple life philosphies. Stella Parton, Darlene Austin, Susan Humphries and Wanette McQuitty are just a few of the super talents that added their voices to make this CD so memorable. Hit songs include; Sun Dance, Upside Down, Floridas Son, The Way The Wind Blows and Somewhere In the Sand.

"SUN DANCE" - 2003

** 2005 Horizon Award - SongFolk Journal 
** Nominated 2005 Song Of The Year "Florida's Son" SongFolk Journal    
* contains hit songs - "Florida's Son", "Upside Down", "Sun Dance", "Somewhere In The Sand & "The Way The Wind Blows"

** ALL songs written by Nick Granato unless noted

SUN DANCE -The Story -
Watching the suns light dance on the sea is truly a spiritual experience for me. I find I can abandon all my thoughts and fears, clearing my mind and recharging my senses. There is a definite healing effect here. Between the warmth and comfort of the sun, and the seas serenity, life in a way can appear to stand still. At one time or another we have all been captivated by a sunset or a sunrise, and some of us have even been fortunate enough to be present on the beach during this spectacular display of nature. It is truly a magical event. Something that is so simple yet so powerful at the same time can be awe-inspiring, yet everyday we take this gift for granted. So next time you need a break from lifes endless complications, just close you eyes and image yourself on some serene sandy shoreline with the ocean lapping at your toes, then open your eyes and watch the sun dance. Trust me, youll feel 100% better!

- (V1) Life can be so complicated at times, Its a wonder how we ever get through, But I find a peace in the simple things, They seem to help me stay true, Thats why you can find me, down by the waters edge, Filling all my senses, and clearing my head (Chorus) Watching the sun dance, off the ripples on the sea, I feel rhythm of the waves, wash the sand beneath my feet, I listen to the wind blow, and let my mind go free, I drift away into a place of calm serenity, It helps me know who I am.. So every chance I canI watch the sun dance (V2) I find a comfort with the sun on my face, I can feel my heart reflecting its light, Theres a healing deep inside that takes place, Giving my spirit new life, So When Im standing on the shore line, Everything is right, I let my troubled thoughts just float away with the tide (Chorus) (Bridge) When I gaze out in the distance, I imagine I can fly, And I glide on the breeze like a seagull. To where the ocean meets the sky And then I open up my eyes and watch the sun dance. (Chorus) © 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

OCEAN  - The Story - The Ocean is very human in may ways. It has moods and constantly changes. It feels the effects of the moon and the planets as well as the weather and the earth itself. It is never the same, yet it is ever constant. All the human emotions are embodied within it. I feel a kindred spirit with its existence. We all leave impressions, we make contact, some stay and some just pass through, but the effects are still felt. The Ocean, like life, doesnt have any real boundaries, only man-made ones, and they are ironically temporary. Though man tries in vain, nothing can hold back life and, of course, nothing can hold back the Ocean.

OCEAN -  I can identify with the ocean, Constantly changing, always in motion, At times I find myself just rolling, With nothing to hold me back No nothing can hold me back, Sometimes I feel just like an island, Standing alone in the middle of silence, Feeling so safe still surrounded by violence, With nothing to hold them back, No nothing can hold them back (Chorus) I feel the wind and the waves all around me, I hear them breaking on the shore, I see the lighthouse in the harbor, Calling me to her port, oh Just calling me to her port - Sailing my waters, friends & strangers Sharing pleasures, daring dangers, Some drift off and some throw anchor, With nothing to hold them back No nothing can hold them back - But on my horizon the sun is rising, - Warming my waves, reflecting the skies, Another day to reach and find With nothing to hold me back, No nothing can hold me back (Chorus 2) Still I can feel the current changing, Pulling me from every side, I can sense the deep impressions, That Ive left behind, From my raging tide- Yes I can identify with the ocean, Always changing like my emotions, Ever restless, ever flowing, With nothing to hold me back, No nothing can hold me back,  With nothing to hold me back, No nothing can hold me ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

UPSIDE DOWN - The Story - Its very easy to take life to seriously. I know we all get caught up in the day to day stresses. Its hard to balance out the good with the bad. Life is about taking chances. The people that Ive met who seem to enjoy life to the fullest are those who arent afraid to take chances. Have you ever wondered why things dont ever seem to go the way you planned them? Well maybe thats because youve spent too much time planning and not enough time living. We cant live in the past and the future isnt here yet, so all we really have is today. I admit that I have been guilty of dwelling on things gone, and them worrying about things to come, and what a waste of valuable living time that is! So relax, roll with the flow, and enjoy this circus we call living. Theres never a shortage of clowns and, remember, theres always the up side of down!

UPSIDE DOWN - (Featuring Darlene Austin) - (V1) Taking time to kill some time, Is really what its all about,Life will be a mystery, So stop living in the doubt, Old age and gravity, always looking for a remedy, So wise up, and slow down, and live without regret. (Chorus) Its time to take some chances, Start living for the moment, Its time to go another round, Cause tomorrow may never come, No asking questions, stop second guessing, The answers to profound, Cause you might find youve been living life, Upside down.(V2) Looking back to take you back to a memory is just fine, But living in a painful past, will only cloud your mind, Time to change your philosophy, accept the good with the tragedy, Cause whats done, is done gone. leave well enough alone (Chorus) (Bridge) No one said that life was fair, Its just time that you grabbed your share, No need to analyze your running out of time. (V3) So forget the need for therapy, and let the past be gone, Theres nothing you can do about it now, Just accept the worlds insanity, and remember what youve found, That youre fine, and all the rest are living upside down. (Chorus) ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

FLORIDA'S SON - The Story - One sunny morning of the pier on Okaloosa Island in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, I met an old man fishing. I know him only as Pete. I had a 40 minute conversation with him that was so profound, I will remember it the rest of my life. He shared some incredibly amazing thoughts and observations. I wrote this song in the car right after our encounter and it pretty much details our conversation. Pete is 89 years old and is one of the very rare Florida Crackers. He is native to the area and has seen just about everything. He spoke of a much simpler time. As he put it, back when you couldnt give Florida away! He was proud of being a pioneer from the area, his family being one of the originals. Pete had very bittersweet feelings about what had happened to his paradise, or as he put it, what they did. unfortunately, the things Pete spoke about seem to fall on deaf ears all too often these days. Folks like Pete throughout our country are fading away fast and taking with them a huge heritage of unknown facts and stories that wee need to record and cherish for future generations. We should treasure these legacies and learn from their valuable wisdom. Sooner or later we will all realize that not everything in this life is disposable. I consider this song a good example of historical recycling. I may not be important in the worlds big picture, but for what its worth, I listened to you Pete, and I heard and felt every word loud and clear!

FLORIDA'S SON  - He once earned a living fishing these waters, Out in the Gulf, running the bay, He remembers a time when the catch was abundant, He says too many people have scared them away, - His face was all wrinkled and browned from the weather, His hands were all calloused from years on the sea, By his bench on the pier all the tourists passed by him, Unaware this old man had made all this to be (Chorus) Hes just an old cracker, who grew up on the island, His grandfathers grandpa, drove the first pilings, With a pioneers spirit, that runs in his blood, An original native Floridas son (V2) He spoke of a time when life was quite different, Long before money and greed had its way, A place you could tell God had touched with his fingers, Where you showed respect for the things Hed made - He said nowadays were surrounded by concrete, High rises stretching to worship the sun, He said theyre nothing to me but just graves on the beaches, Stones marking the places, where paradise was (Chorus) Hes just an old cracker, who grew up on the island, His grandfathers, Grandpa, drove the first pilings, Oh the things that hes witnessed, all the changing hes done. An original legend Floridas son, - Now He morns for what its become Floridas son, And the future sets in what was Floridas son  ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

EVERYBODY'S FROM SOMPLACE ELSE - The Story - As the USA becomes smaller with people moving from one end of the country to the other, they are finding out what folks in Florida have known about for many years. When that time of year comes, as a resident you are in the minority. As the years have progressed, most of the residents are not from here either. So you have a hodgepodge of people from everywhere else. Thats not a bad thing, but it makes for some pretty interesting cultural exchanges. Different points of view, the common drawbridge mentality, the whiners, the tourists, the newly transplanted, it all adds up to a unique experience for everyone. But the one common element that brings and keeps everyone coming is the areas beauty, and our love for it. So for those who want to be here, lets have some fun and celebrate our differences. For those who want to be negative and dark minded, well, as I always say, That same road that brought you here goes the other way too! Bye!

EVERYBODY'S FROM SOMPLACE ELSE - (Chorus) Everybodys from someplace else, theres nobody from here, Everyones come for their place in the sun, Its that time of year, Just the seasonal migration they fall suddenly out of thin air, And then everybodys from someplace else, But Im sure glad were all here (Verse 1) Ive got a neighbor from northern Ohio, She said she ran away from the snow, She pays her rent to a man from Long Island, He moved here years ago.. Yet she complains about the traffic, And she whines about the heat and the rain, Shes says theres too many people, And I wonder why she stays..(Chorus) (Verse 2) I met a family from up in Atlanta, They have a timeshare down the beach, They consider themselves to be locals, Though there only here for 6 weeks, Take a look out in the parking lots, Its like a lesson in geography, Nearly every state in the nation, Is here to keep us company.. (Chorus)
(Bridge) Dont bother to ask directions, Cause no one knows their way around, Youve got to roll with flow, youll be wherever you go, Just keep following the crowd (Chorus) © 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

UNDER THE SUN - The Story -
Nothing is new under the sun! You know, been there, done that? Someone, somewhere has already been though whatever it is youre in the middle of. It may not be an exact science, but inevitably it has already been done. There is a lot of truth in the old saying whatever goes around, comes around, because it always does. The cycle is endless and we are never in control; only a fool thinks he is. Its like a game of Monopolywe all shoot for Boardwalk, but we all keep going around the board and passing Go, and even though we may be fortunate to get Boardwalk, we still have to go around the board and are subjected to the same things everyone else it. Even if you do get that prized property, it doesnt mean that youll win the game. So within the confines of our existence you can find a bit of comfort here knowing that God is watching, and with His sense of humor, Im sure He does a lot of smiling as most of us desperately try to find the cheese in the maze! (Thank you Stella!)

UNDER THE SUN - (Duet With Stella Parton)  -  (V1) Another new day begins to dawn, Yesterday slipped by and now its gone.. Nothing left to leave but whats left behind Another brand new day the skies are blue, Today seems to be so overdue, Its been long, but I guess its just in time (and) (Chorus) Here we go again, back to start here at the end, Déjà vu, its been said, its been done, And here we go again, Looking forward to where weve already been, Yet we run, thats true, But theres still nothing new Under the sun (V1) Been looking for a change in atmosphere, But nothing ever will be crystal clear, Cause every angle has a different point of view, So friends come and strangers go, And everyday is out of our control, Situations change but it all remains the same (and) (Chorus) (Bridge) Lifes an endless circle, it just repeats itself, And its all been tried, somewhere in time, By somebody else (V3) So the planet turns round and round, And we look up to see if God looks down, It goes to show that we dont have a clue Another new day begins to end, And well face tomorrow all over again, But thats ok, cause its all new to me and you(Chorus) (Tag) And here we go again... © 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

THE WAY THE WIND BLOWS  - The Story - Everyone has asked me who the Old Man in the song is. Well, the truth is the Old Man is a combination of many people Ive met over my lifetime. Some have shared their infinite wisdom to life. And some through their actions towards others and myself have show me a real sense of truth and being. My grandparents, all of them, were very wise individuals and never hesitated pointing out something they considered important. I learned change is painful at times, but its going to happened whether I like it or not. You cant fight the wind, so the best thing to do is soar with it!

THE WAY THE WIND BLOWS -  (V1) I met an old man down by the sea, He said everything around you is within your reach, Oh but youve gotta watch, dont turn your back on the sun, Cause when those blue skies turn black, boy youd better run, Just like life, those hurricanes come, Theyll send you flying, back to where you came from. (Chorus) Thats just the way the wind blows, thats the way the story goes, Up and down we all coast, in and out with the tide, Thats just the way the wind blows, take your chances and find, That nobody really knows, Thats just the way the wind blows. (V2) I thought about what the old man had said, I considered his wisdom and where he had been, I asked him how hed made it this far, He smiled and said I was once where you are, Oh but just like life, the wind spun me around, And son Ive lost more, than Ive ever found. (Chorus) (Bridge) He said lifes never easy, theres gonna be rain, Youve got to be ready to weather the change, Dont find yourself adrift in the breeze, Son, never forget to anchor your dreams (V3) I met an old man down by the sea, He spoke about God and love and inner peace, He said, first know yourself, start by looking within, And dont ever regret, cause life was meant to be lived Oh But just like the wind, lifes so hard to explain, You just do what you can, and let the rest change (Chorus) ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

LEARNING HOW TO LIVE  - The Story - All my life, Ive been learning how to live! Life is just a series of falling down and getting up again. With every mistake, hopefully we learn and grow. No one has all the answerssome think they do, or at least act like it, but they really dont, theyre winging it just like you and I, and I guarantee they make their mistakes too. There will always be a part of life that remains a mystery, and so it should. Can you imagine what life would be like if we knew all the answers??? Why bother?? I think our ultimate purpose is not so much how we live but more importantly how we love.
LEARNING HOW TO LIVE -   Ive been known to take some chances, Ive been now to break some rules, Ive done some things that I regret, And Ive been called a fool,  Ive had my share of heartaches, And I have had some fun, And theres been times I should have stood my ground, Instead I turned to run (Chorus) And all my life Ive been learning how to live, Exactly what to take, versus how much I should give, And through it all, were gonna find out in the end, That it all comes down to love, When youre learning how to live (V2) There are those that claim the answers, But do they really know, Or is it all just a mystery, That only seems to grow, Theres been many disappointments, And many victories, But when its all been said and done, Do we all know where well be (Chorus) (Bridge) The lessons that Ive learned, In this life just make me strong, And I find, theres a real thin line, Between whats right and wrong (Chorus) ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

BETWEEN GOD AND ME  - The Story -This song started out as a somewhat different idea that my close friend Lynsae Harkins shared with me one afternoon. But as fate would have it, the song idea took another direction due to some, lets say well meaning folks. What you proclaim and how you show it is a good sign of what you really are. I thought this was important to say. Judgmental people have become one of my biggest pet peeves in life. No one is saying that you should have to agree with someones belief system, moral code, lifestyle, religion, or any other way of life that is foreign to you. But you should respect someones individuality and opinion. I have watched hypocrisy and fear destroy so many wonderful people. So next time, stop and thing about where that person has been in their life before you pass judgment. Could you walk a mile in their shoes? Better yet, do you even know if theyre wearing shoes? We live in a world that is changing fast with many different points of view. Our only hope is love. Some would say it is God, but I say God is Love.

BETWEEN GOD AND ME - Featuring Susan Humphreys - (Words & Music by Lynsae Harkins & Nick Granato)   Youve been watching me closely, tripping over my self, Now Im not blaming nobody else, But Id like to think I can make mistakes, Without everyone looking my way, Who made you my jury, who appointed you my judge, I dont need your conscious, mine is more than enough, Im not asking advice, but your gonna give it anyway.. So lets pray (Chorus) Dont point your finger, dont shake your head, Until you can say youve been where Ive been, Its nobodys business what I do or Ive done, As long As He and I know and thats enough, No dont you worry about what I believe, When its all said and done, Thats between God and Me. (V2)I hate to be the one to point this out, But your throwing stones in your own glass house, So youd better be careful cause words can wound, And you never know when theyre gonna fall back on you, - Though I do thank you for your kind words of doubt, And I appreciate the thought, you see Im not proud, But youve got your own problems Id say, And Ive got mine, so lets pray(Chorus) (Bridge) I can tell this aint sittin well, but just give it a little more time, Cause some day soon, its gonna happen to you, and youll change your mind Lets pray (Chorus) © 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

GIVE ME WINGS - The Story - Total personal and creative freedom though self-expression! Sometimes it takes a clean break from the things holding you back in order to achieve you dreams. Its such a great feeling to remove that weight from your shoulders and be able to fly. At time the process can be a painful experience, and as humans we avoid anything that hints of pain. But most of the time it is though pain that we learn to fly. The most difficult prison to break free from in the one we design for ourselves we all know how to build guilt. Through bad choices that we make, and those that are made for us, we punish ourselves and each other. Lets face it, you cant so like an eagle if you have so much baggage to keep you grounded! It might be time to lose some luggage! 

GIVE ME WINGS  -  (V1) Day after day, I hear the winds call, I yearn for the freedom beyond my hearts walls, Ive lived within boundaries confined to this cage, Looking for a way to escape. (V2) All I need is some courage to face all my fears, A glimmer of hope to drive away all these tears They say its impossible, but Im gonna try, Just give me the chancewatch me climb (Chorus) Give me wings, I will fly, I will soar like an eagle, So free, so highBreak these chains, that have me bound, And I will take to the sky, and Ill never come down, No I dont care what tomorrow may bring, I can dream, I can fly. Give me wings (V3) Holding me back this world clings like a vine, It tears at my roots and steals from my time, Its hard to determine all the damage its done, But I can still make it, If I reach for the sun(Son) (Chorus)(Bridge) Ill no longer be captive, once I sever these ties, Therell be nothing to stop me, Ill leave it behind and Ill fly. (Chorus) ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

SOMEWHERE IN THE SAND   - The Story - When my kids were younger, we would spend a lot of time together out in the sand on the beach building sandcastles, and then try to protect them from the incoming high tide. We would spend hours building and sculpting those kingdoms, decorating them with shells and other beach debris. Then it would all climax with the rushing waves of the high tide reclaiming the sand and of course devastating our kingdom. We would laugh and try desperately to save it, but we would always have to relinquish our stake and accept another defeat to the ocean. We wouldnt abandon our kingdom until there was no longer a trace of it left. Of course weve built many kingdoms over the years that have vanished into the sea. My point is that its not about losing castles, bad foundations, or anything that deep and profound, its about having fun building them, enjoying the process, and most importantly not taking life to seriously. You must take time to reflect, because without reflection, you dont ever really see yourself

. SOMEWHERE IN THE SAND - Somewhere in the sand, a little boy builds a castle, Surrounds it with high walls, to keep the waves from crashing in, But the tide is just too strong, and his kingdom starts to crumble, And grain by grain his castle falls, Back into the sea - Somewhere on the ocean, theres a boat caught in a storm, Tattered sails and broken keel, no way to head for port, At the mercy of the waters, the captains done all he can do, As the waves begin to take their toll, He prays theyll make it through - And the winds can be relentless, ever strong and never kind, Leaving you defenseless to face an angry sky, Some have stood against the currents, Some have lost their will to stand, And some youll find in pieces scattered Somewhere in the sand. - Somewhere in the sand, if you look closely you will see, Among the shells youll find, bits of lives and broken dreams, Shifting with lifes winds, carried by its changing tides, Some are caught up in the undertow, never to arrive - And the ocean claims its treasures, with every ebb and flow, Through all lifes pains and pleasures, its hard to ever know, Some have stood against the waters, And some have lost their will to stand But most youll see have found some peace. Somewhere in the sand. Somewhere in the sand, a little boy builds a castle, Surrounds it with high walls, to keep the waves from crashing in Somewhere in the sand ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

FLOATIN' ON THE SEA OF LIFE   - The Story - I wanted something a little bit odd and different for this song, something that was not ordinary. Well when I asked the guys of the super gospel group the Divine Joy Quartet to grace their vocals on this song, thats exactly what I got! I thought because of my background in gospel music that it was only fitting to have the song about being in peril backed up by a Gospel Quartet. It is such great irony! We had a lot of fun recording this song. I like to think of life as a big adventure, a giant ocean filled with wonder and yet surrounded by dangers. After spending time being lost at sea in the context of life, I realized that sometimes its best just to stop swimming and float. Ive learned that good friends and family are very important, and anyone who will jump into shark-infested waters with you deserves your love and respect! So the next time the sharks and buzzards circle you, and they start taking bites out of you, just remember that you arent alone, and youll be OK just relax and float. Youll probably leave a bad taste in their mouths anyway!

FLOATIN' ON THE SEA OF LIFE -Featuring the Divine Joy QT - (Chorus) Im deep sea fishing in lifes big ocean, In a little bitty boat called emotion, Drifting aimlessly without direction, Trawling for a little bit of love and affection, I lost my oars and my engines flooded, Soon Ill be bait just a rub-a-dub-dubbing, Just another chum in the endless chain, Just food for thought floating on the sea of life (V1) Id throw out my anchor but I dont have a line, My sails are all tattered and theres not much time, Theres danger all around, I think enough is enough, With the sharks in the water and the buzzards abov (Chorus) (V2) I shouldve cut bait cause now Im taking on water, Now Its too late I didnt do what I ought of, Whats gonna happen is anybodys guess, Should I send out a mayday or an SOS (Chorus) (Bridge) What I need is some sand and a palm tree to hug, Or just a little dingy and a bottle of rum. (Chorus) ©2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI