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** Nominated 2006 Song Of The Year "Once Upon A Paradise" SongFolk Journal
** Nominated "Florida State Song" 2009    
* contains hit songs - "Margarita Meltdown", Plastic Pink Flamingos", "Once Upon A Paradise", "Hurricane Town" & "Survive"

  ** ALL songs written by Nick Granato unless noted

A personal philosophy is important, most of us have one. When one thinks of something tropical, it usually brings to mind a carefree and easy lifestyle or attitude. Though I can attest to the fact that life is rarely easy, I do try to keep my stress levels to a minimum. Im getting better at tuning unimportant things out. Learning to relax is the hardest thing Ive had to learn. Its easier said than done, but Ive been having a lot of fun in the process. My Dad always said This too shall pass and it does, and life goes on. So kick back and relax, because whatever will be, will be!

(Chorus) Ive got a tropical philosophy, With a laid back analogy, Just coastin along, singing my songs, Living down by the sea, Ive got a barefoot mentality, And a sun drenched reality, Just taking it easy, Cause whatever will be, will be (V1) Most things in life arent worth worrying about, Just give it all time and it usually works itself out, Nothing pressing, nothing big enough, To cause concern or make me jump, No problem here man, I need another coke and rum  (Chorus) (V2) Ive learned that its best to just roll with the flow, I must confess life is best when you just let go, No one ever said you had to keep up this pace, You need to relax, let the other rats race, When you start to sweat, that means its time, To slow it on down. (Chorus)(Bridge)Taking my time to make each day last, Today may bring rain, but this too shall pass (Chorus) © 2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI
PLASTIC PINK FLAMINGOS - The Story - Ive always had this strange obsession with Plastic Pink Flamingos, Im not sure why. I wanted to write a song about them, and again, Im not sure why. I decided that they really are the unofficial mascot of the State of Florida, theyve become an icon. When you think of Florida, what comes to mind well palm trees, the ocean, the beach alligators, sharks and . Plastic Pink Flamingos! Oh and one more thing, since you are reading this, unbeknownst to you, do you realize you have become a certified member of The Flock? yup thats the nickname for the members of the Nick Granato Fan Club Youre officially a Flocker, you should now be overwhelmed with your new lot in life, and in turn, bring others into The Flock. Oh and by the way, this song has been burned into your sub-conscious, and you will never be able to get rid of it see what I mean just ask Patrick now repeat after me Flockers Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos.. whoa whoa whoa whoa.

PLASTIC PINK FLAMINGOS -  Dont you think its time to take? That lifetime trip to the sunshine state, Relax on the beach and clear your mind, Let lifes troubles pass you by, Find a hammock in the shade or go have some fun, Weve got everything you need here under the Florida sun...  We've got palm trees swaying, and sea breezes blowing, Sunsets dancing, wherever youll be going, Warm days far away from where it snows, Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.. (v2)You might call ahead for a reservation, The Chamber of Commerce for your destination Theyll be glad to send a brochure, If youve got cabin fever, weve got the cure, You have a choice, which coast will it be, So little time, with so much to see (chorus 2) We've got coconut trees and hurricane warnings, Traffic jams, red tides and tourists, Retired seniors, and giant mosquitoes, Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos, Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos.. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (Break) We've Got  Transplanted Yankees and timeshare condos, cruise ships sailing everyday, 3 wheel bikes, jet skis and mopeds, Grandma in her rollerblades.... We got Nick Granato, Mickey Mouse and Shamu, The Florida Keys and the Fountain of Youth, Weve got shuffleboard, bingo & Indian Casinos, Roaches the size of El Caminos, Dolphins, Crackers, Realtors and boats Golfers, surfers and Mobile homes, Space shuttles, Disney and the Everglades, Coral reefs, manatees and mangrove bays, Orange Juice, lizards and fresh picked mangos - Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos, Buccaneers, souvenirs and tacky mementos, Alligators, sharks and plastic pink flamingos,We got Alligators sharks and plastic pink flamingos Alligators, sharks, and plastic pink flamingos whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

HURRICANE TOWN - The Story - Prior to Hurricane Katrina, most hurricanes normally blew into town Category 1 or 2, tore it up some, flooded the low lying areas and departed, leaving behind the mess for the locals to clean up. Living anywhere on the Atlantic or Gulf coasts youre always at risk. Eventually you get used to preparing, evacuating, sighing relief, cleaning up and then doing it again. Yes its inconvenient, but we do whats necessary. It sounds odd to some, but Hurricane parties are the norm. In fact I was playing my gig on the beach the afternoon that Hurricane Jeanne(2004) was coming at South Florida, people were in a party mode. Eventually the police evacuated everyone off the island for obvious safety issues. Some folks high tailed it out of the area, the veterans waited it out. People unfamiliar with coastal life think were crazy, to us its just the trade-off for living in our paradise.

HURRICANE TOWN - (V1) Something different in the air today, Skies are blue but its not the same, Weatherman says its on its way, Got to watch as it gets close, The stores are empty, gas is rare, As everybody gets prepared, The highways jammed as people flee the coast,  Weve all been here before; its time to wait it out, No, this aint nothing new for this Hurricane town. (CHORUS) Weve got everything we thought wed be needing. Ice so we can keep on making Margaritas, Batteries to keep the music playing loud, Weve got ply boards nailed to the windows, To keep the party safe, when the wind blows, Weve all been here before and watched it all come down, No this aint nothing new for this hurricane town. (V2) Tie down the boat, hope that it floats, Take one last look, and thats all she wrote, Fair weather friends head for higher ground, The sky turns black, the sea looks mad, Wind whips in, the power goes out, Waves rise up as the rain comes down, Weve all been here before and watched it all get blown around, No this aint nothing new for this hurricane town (CHORUS) Tourists leave, media arrives, To tell stories of how we survived, Well cleanup the mess till the next one comes around No, this aint nothing new for this hurricane town, Weve all been here before, these days it draws a crowd No, this aint nothing new for this hurricane town!  ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

ONCE UPON A PARADISE - The Story - Destin FL, Folly Beach SC, Atlantic Beach NC, Rehobeth Beach DE, Cape May NJ, Huntington Beach CA, Ft Myers Beach FL, West Hampton NY, Ft Lauderdale Beach FL, Ocean City MD, Myrtle Beach SC, Galveston TX, Virginia Beach VA, Panama City Beach FL, Honolulu HI, Gulfport MS, Seaside Heights NJ, Cape Cod MA, Gulf Shores AL, San Diego CA, the Florida Keys etcetcetc the story is the same everywhere, on every coast of the USA, east, west, south and north. Development, greed and a lack of respect for nature has destroyed and maimed our islands, beaches and the environment as a whole. There is a right way and a wrong way to develop property that not only enhances the value, but preserves the natural virtues. What has happened to my Florida devastates me. Floridas coasts have virtually been turned into one long strip mall of concrete, and thats sad. There are a couple places scattered here and there that have maintained their integrity, Sanibel Island FL, Seaside FL, Bokeelia FL, Cedar Key FL, Apalachicola FL, Boca Grande FL, but places like these are vanishing so quickly. In already crowded Broward County/Ft Lauderdale Florida, theres a building boom. Imagine wall to wall, back to back concrete from the Atlantic Ocean to the Everglades look at a map its frightening, but its true. There is nothing left, vacant land is power in Broward County. In Destin Florida (Panhandle) the buildings are so close you cant even see the beach as you drive down the beachfront road. The congestion is mind numbing. Folly Beach SC one way in one way out built to capacity cant even get across the street during tourist season, tripled the population in the last 10 years eroding away faster than they can pump the sand, sooner or later Mother Nature will prevail, but until she does the developers are in control. Now with all that in mind, think about what loses in the process the trees, the animals, the fish, the oceanus I know that these are all still beautiful places, but imagine what they were, and what they could have been its a shame no one bothered to think twice once upon a paradise..

ONCE UPON A PARADISE - There once was an island, with sands as white as snow, Where fishes ruled the waters, and the sea was free to flow, The breeze blew through the palm trees, And the sand dunes touched the sun Such beauty that man could not describe, Once upon a paradise - Then one day some strangers came, captivated by the sights, They made a home along the shores and lived a peaceful life, Soon others came to join them, and in the balance they all thrived, Respecting all around them for a while, Once upon a paradise --- But the winds of change were not so kind, And progress bargained in disguise, Promising prosperity and better way of life, So they paved the sand and walled the sea, And turned the dunes into concrete, And created what they all thought would be nice Once upon a paradise---  There once was an island, where people swarmed the streets, Boats cluttered up the waters, and buildings hid the beach, They could have left a little, but greed made them take it all, and they buried all their treasures for a price, Once upon a paradise----- So they rearranged the palm trees and changed around the shore, Now the only site there left to see is one most cant afford, And everyday they fight the waves as it tries to regain ground, And everyone thinks that its all rightIts a shame that no one bothered to think twice Once upon a paradise--- There once was and island, with such beauty rare to find, We all know how the story goes,  Once upon a paradise, Yes we all know how the story ends each time--- Once upon a paradise. ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

DOWN HERE IN THE ISLANDS - The Story - I wrote this song while entertaining on the Norwegian Sun Cruise ship at the port in the island of Roatan, Honduras. I was captivated by the simplicity of their way of life, surrounded by this beautiful landscape. After visiting 2 or 3 dozen times I even got to know some of the locals, made some friends, and found their existence to be so casual. The rest of the world could learn such a lesson from observing these true islanders laid back, always smiling I could get used to that!

DOWN HERE IN THE ISLANDS  - Just the sound of the trade winds blowing, Waves rolling on the beach, The fragrance from the Bougainvillea, Fills the air, smells so sweet --- Market fresh with friendly faces, Greeting tourists just in port, Natives bargain earn their living, Sell their goods from makeshift stores
Palm trees sway to a reggae rhythm, Dolphins playing just off shore (Chorus) Down here in the islands, Lifes so simple under the sun, Laid back and always smiling, the clock moves slow, nobody runs, (v2) Hear the sounds of children laughing, Building castles in the sand, See the ships out on the horizon, Bringing folks from far off lands, Rum drinks in the afternoon, Sun sets, romance rules, (Chorus) A Sailboat silhouettes the harbor, skipping out across the bay, Guess its time I should be going back Maybe I should stay.. (Chorus)  ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

MARGARITA MELTDOWN - The Story - This is what I call a semi-true story. While playing at a long running gig I had in South Florida on the beach, there was a tequila shortage. It affected most of the area bars; Im not exactly sure why there was a shortage, but I was made aware of it when 2 men on vacation from Illinois clad in bathing suits, straw hats and sunglasses came in and ordered 2 extra large Margaritas to go. They proceeded out to the beach to watch the local color as they put it. A couple of hours passed when they returned for refills only to find out that it wasnt possible because the bar had run out of tequila the men didnt believe the bartender and couldnt be convinced. Well the bartender offered them Pina Coladas or some other rum drinks, they refused and started to almost panic. They left to go to another bar down the beach only to return about 3 hours later, still in search of a Margarita they almost appeared forlorn needless to say it Made for a fun song idea.

MARGARITA MELTDOWN -  (V1) I finally made it to the sand, margarita in hand, And sat down by the sea, Watching all those beautiful people walking by, It was like some postcard dream, Everything was fine, I had an afternoon high, I went to take a sip But my drink was dry, Nothing but salt and a lonelylime. OH NO NO (Chorus) Im having me a Margarita Meltdown, With seven (3) (no time) hours left until sundown, What a bad revelation, this sure aint cool, Im having me a Margarita Meltdown, A perfect day shadowed with a black cloud, What a sad situation, this cant be true Oh Life can be so cruel  (V2) Well I pulled myself up from the sand and headed Back to the bar down the beach, The bartender smiled and started to laugh, When she saw that it was me, I told her what happened, I explained my dilemma, She lost her smile and said were out of tequila, And then she had the nerve to ask me, Will a rum drink do??? I said NO NO NO (Chorus 2) (Bridge) It all started going down hill from there, I ran from the beach, screaming lifes not fair, Everything changed without my buzz, Things looked so different without all the fuzz, the suns so hot Its all so wrong, Big ugly people wearing little bitty thongs, OH NO NO NO NO NO NO (Chorus 3)  (CAMP OUT)Where did all the pretty people go??? And whats with all these Plastic Flamingos? Its like some tropical nightmare, You know not everyone should wear a thongyuck, Someone find me a margarita.anyone??? !!!! ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

EVENTIDE  - The Story - Eventide is that beautiful brief moment in between sunrise and the morning, and sunset and the evening. Its quite a magical time where everything is serene, a transitional period full of quiet grace and spiritual color. During this time along the shoreline in a tropical setting to me is beyond words. I tried to capture that brief moment in this song.This Song was used in a Bio TV Documentary on Ocean Explorer and Enviromentalist Jacques Cousteau

EVENTIDE -  (V1) Another day ends in paradise, The sea reflects the colored sky, A sailboat skids across the waves, heading for home The painted clouds, just natures work of art, A subtle hint of twinkling evening stars, A gentle breeze carries me away, Just as far as I can go (Chorus) The seagulls rest, the moon breaks through, The dark of night consumes the view, And the waves caress sand along the beach,Twilight lingers on the palms, And silence overcomes the calm, The horizons slowly fading out of sight, As another day ends in paradise (V2) Fishing boats seek out the closest port, Lovers holding hands along the shore, Tourists slowing down, enjoy the view, Time is all but standing still, At least long enough to get our fill, As the sun slips slowly out of sight, As the day comes to an end in paradise (Chorus) (Tag) The moon falls victim to the sun, The evening mist is rising up, The sea reflects a colored sky, As another day begins. In paradise, As another day begins.. In paradise  ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

 - The Story - Barometric pressure has a way of messing with the natural order of our brains; the weather changes and we go up and down with it. Rainy, overcast skies usually depress me; some folks just get melancholy, others just walk around in a funk all day and cant put their finger on why. Lets face it, when the sun is shining and its beautiful outside, most of us are in good moods see my point?
ATMOSPHERE  -  I started out with a pretty good plan this morning, But between what I should and would my plan was aborted, I decided to kick back, lie on the beach and just relax, Theres nothing better than doing nothing, When youve got so much to do  - I tried real hard to get myself motivated, But my body kept telling me do it later, So there I was, such a typical bum, Lounging on the sand and soaking up the sun(Chorus)  Its all about the change in atmosphere The wind shifts the moon pulls, And then suddenly we dont care, It something about the pressure, and whats hanging in the air, And its all about the change in atmosphere (v2) Now everyone at times can be a little moody, But when the skies are gray, we seem to loose our inner beauty, We can feel it in our bones, when the clouds wont leave us alone, Our attitudes help predict the rain.(Chorus) And its all about the change in atmosphere The earth turns, the sun sets, Sometimes its oh so clear Its been known to make men crazy, Its the weathers fault youll hear, And its all about the change in Atmosphere (Bridge) Its barometric, sometimes hectic This gravitational pull of the sun, Cold shoulders and warm fronts, Temperatures flare and emotions run. (Chorus) And its all about the change in Atmosphere, The planets move, the tides flow, And the whole world seems too act so weird, It messes with your senses, Its much stronger than we feared, And its all about the change in atmosphere ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI
 - The Story - I dedicate this song to my friends Mel & Margrit Treff of Delray Beach Florida, and to Mama Doreen Kelly of St Thomas US Virgins Islands. While working as an entertainer on the Norwegian Dawn Cruise ship, I had the pleasure of meeting some beautiful people, as well as experiencing many beautiful places. One I remember vividly was an evening as we departed the island of St Thomas in the Caribbean. The ship was about ½ mile out of port when I turned back to look. I thought how beautiful the site was, and I said to a passenger standing next to me look at the lights of St Thomas and she turned and said that is beautiful. The songwriter in me thought how poetic The Lights of St Thomas sounded, I wanted to turn it into a song, but couldnt decide how. As the next day progressed, I reflected on the night before as I remembered the night and the lights of St Thomas you see where this is going yet?  Anyway, I decided to create folklore, a story, a tale, a yarn and so was birthed Lights Of St Thomas Mama Doreen Kelly is a native bohemian woman living on St Thomas that I had befriended through my many trips there with the cruise line. I told Doreen about the song and that she had to back me up with the folklore part, she said she would if God doesnt strike me down first, She thought it was a great story. Mel & Margrit Treff were passengers on board and had come to hear me sing most every night. I introduced the song to my audience that evening and Mel & Margrit said they really, really liked it. So with that said, and an international audience waiting, I present to you a new piece of Island folklore to be passed on and preserved for generations to come. Oh and by the way if you ever make it to St Thomas on a cruise ship, do yourself a favor as your leaving port in the evening and get out on deck and look back its truly unforgettable.  

LIGHTS OF ST THOMAS -   There in the distance are the lights of St Thomas, Calling him back to that moment in time, There in the harbor, he remembers the promise, Forever seemed honest, deep in their eyes --- That night on the island, under the moonlight, With the sound of the sea playing soft on the wind, They shared all their dreams and planned for their future, And looked to the day theyd be together again -- So that night he set sail into the darkness, She said shed be waiting there on the shore, She said the light from her lantern each night would be burning, Until he was anchored home safe in the port --- But life can be cruel and fate was misleading, Destiny took him so far away, By the time he returned she no longer was waiting, For it seemed he had broken the promise he made --- They say every day shed go down to the harbor, And scan the horizon and await his return, But the years took their toll and one day she just vanished, Some say at night her lantern still burns.. -- So he searches the islands the ports and the beaches, He hopes one day to find her again, Now hes a lonely old sailor with the pain of a memory, Of a love and a life and a promise not kept --- I can see in the distance the lights of St Thomas, Calling me back to that moment in time, It was here in the harbor I made her that promise, That I would return and make her my wife --And in the distance I see the lights of St Thomas    ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI
SUN WORSHIP  - The Story - Golden browned, bronzed to perfection, thong wearing beautiful people who make the rest of us cringe with envy. Go to the pool or down to the beach and there they are, advertising the perfect tan. Well time has a funny way of leveling the playing field its simply called age. Courtesy of the years of Sun Worship, those beautifully bronzed sun bunny types eventually morph into wrinkled elephant skin types, old is one thing old and wrinkled, well thats something entirely different. Nothing like shipwrecked vanity!!!

SUN WORSHIP - (Chorus) Sun worship, soaking up its rays, Lying on the beach in the heat of the day, Sun worship, basking in its glow, Tempered by the waves and when the sea breezes blow, Anointing their bodies with that special lotion, Listening to their radio down by the ocean Sun worship all day long. (V1) You can find them when the sky is blue, Down by the seaside, or out at the pool, On a chaise lounge or a beach towel, Bowing to the power of the Sun (V2) Coconut oil hangs in the air, Half-baked bodies everywhere Young & old, white & gold Some are just a serious red oh no (Chorus) (Bridge) Theyve heard the warnings and took the advisement, But they have to have their dose of that ultra violet Sun worship all day long. (Spoken Break/Music) Bronzed & beautiful, acting like theyre all that and a bag of chips we all envy their unearned ability to tan to perfection and never burn ok were just plain jealous ahh but the tables do turn poetic justice at its best we all get old even those bronzed and beautiful used to bes uh huh see???!!! life can be so good!!!! listen  (2nd Chorus) Sun worship, wrinkling away, A permanent reminder of more glamorous days, Sun worship, we all know where youve been, Its written all over your old Naugothide skin, Youve tried to fix it with lotions and creams, Youve got to admit it looks worse than it seem--- Sun worship, whered you go wrong, Sun worship, you should have known all along. Sun worship, all day long --- Yeah go ahead and lie out in the sun and see what happens. Thats what Grandma Isabel used to say! lol ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

ON THE HORIZON  - The Story - I remember writing this song while I was sitting on the shores of the bay in Pensacola Florida. I recall watching the shrimp boats going back and forth and straining to see past them and wondering what was in the distance. It was one of those profound moments when I had finished the last line of the song and then my cell phone rang. That phone call was from the Norwegian Cruise lines, and subsequently sent me on a fabulous journey physically, mentally and spiritually. I made many, many friends, and got to live and work among some great folks from foreign lands that I would never have had the chance to meet. I had the privilege of visiting places that I could only imagine existed. I will always be grateful to Mike Suman for the opportunity he presented to me. One never knows what lies on the horizon.

ON THE HORIZON - (V1) Oh the horizon, it holds so many questions, Its hard to tell what lies beyond the sun, Such promise, hidden somewhere far away, In that distant place where everything is one, At times its hard to see what tomorrows gonna bring, Winds could catch you sails changing everything (CHORUS) Is that a vessel, or an island, or just my imagination? Is it the ocean, as it rises, or the clouds out in the distance, Is it a dream coming true, or am I just wishful thinking, You never know whats waiting or hidin on the horizon (V2) Oh the horizon, sometimes the danger lies, The clouds can cover up whats in your path, At any moment, you could be fighting for your life, Unaware that help is right there in your grasp, Sometimes your eyes can fool you into believing what you see, Sometimes things are not what they appear to be (CHORUS)  (Bridge) Reflections and distractions , Makes it hard to just stay focused, And the dark can bring disaster, If you dont know which way youre going Where are you going, are you going going.gone (V3) Oh the horizon, its always out there waiting, But its better just to let it wait for you come, At any moment, you could sail into the harbor, And find that your journey here is done, Therell be another day, therell be another sun risin In another place in another life On the horizon ©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI

BAREFOOT  - The Story - I decided one day to sit down and figure out who I was exactly. The sitting down part was easy, who I was turned out to be a different story. Who I wasnt was easier thats how this song started. I thought about who I could be, but that wasnt me. I thought about who I have become, and that wasnt so bad. My goals in life are quite simple get through it and enjoy as much of it as I can I love what I do for a living, songwriting, singing, I love my family, my environment. I guess you can say I love life in general. Its not always easy, but I do my best to take the good with the bad. I wondered for a long time who everyone else wanted me to be, or even more troubling Who they thought I was without much fanfare, I realized that who I am is not a mystery the sea, sunshine, no shoes, a nice breeze, mix in a few palm trees, seagulls, a boat or two oh and thats me.. the one sitting in the sand. Who they think I am??? well quite frankly I dont have time to worry about that, I have a tide to watch come in!

BAREFOOT - (Verse 1) I could act like a rebel, but thats just not my style, Or may be good like an angel, but I know that would never fly, Too much power brings too much pressure; Too much money has too much stress, But what I have aint all that bad, compared to all the rest (Chorus 1) I could be daring and dangerous, Or I could live my life being proud and perilous, But most of the time youll find me just having fun, I could be really loud and obvious, or I could hide out and be mysterious, Some would say Im not serious enough, But I tell you who cares what they say Im too busy being barefoot in the sun (Verse 2) I could be some rodeo rider but Im not the cowboy type, Or I could act like a superstar, but who needs all that hype, Some folks live in a fish bowl, and some are way out of hand So Ill be happy in my scenic existence, with my feet buried in the sand. (Chorus 1) (Bridge) Who needs all this aggravation, when life could be this good, Who wants all those obligations, just to be misunderstood (Break) (Chorus2) I could be dashing and debonair, or I could try rugged with savoir-faire, But thats not who I have become, I could act all highbrow and intelligent, or I might try charming and elegant, And Ive heard some say Im not serious enough, But I tell you who cares what they say, Im too busy Being Barefoot in the sun, I dont have time for all this fuss; Im too busy being barefoot in the sun, No Im not hurting anyone; Im too busy being barefoot in the sun--- Come play with me we can be barefoot in the sun. © 2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

- The Story - During a dark time in my life, in early 2001, my spirit gave birth to a song of light. I hope it lifts your heart and makes you stronger. I dedicate this song Survive to all the family, friends and neighbors who felt the wrath, and the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina on August 29th 2005 And lived to tell their stories.I extend this song as my gift of hope, inspiration and a celebration of life. *Note* This song has since been recorded by many artists. I am especially proud of Artist Pamala Stanleys version which was susequently chosen as the theme for the Susan G Komen - Race For The Cure.

SURVIVE - Lifes not easy, but we live it everyday, Theres no telling what we lose on the way, Roads of broken souls and pieces of dreams, Childhood wishes that wont be redeemed --- We pay way too much for just a little peace of mind, The cost of living, can cost more than the life So we do what we can, and when its out of our hands, We fall, we stand.we (Chorus) Survive. We win and we lose, We live and we laugh and we cry, We survive. We give and we take, We love and we hate, and we barely get by But still through it all, we find. We survive.(V2) There are moments that we keep in our hearts, There we find comfort, when the road gets too hard, We search for a meaning; we keep asking God why, In hope we find strength, on faith we rely.(Chorus) (Bridge)Theres not always a choice, we grow and we learn, Taking our chances, we bend and we burn Spinning around in this circle of life. Sometimes we crash, sometimes we fly still we survive.(Chorus) Life's not easy, but we live it everyday...
©2001 Song Harbor Music & Creighton Island Music/BMI

SURVIVE - have miles (break) (Chorus )  © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI



lastic Pink Flamingos
- 2005 is a collection of fun Florida Style music. Songs about the ocean, beach, sunshine and living in the Florida state of mind abound. This CD was the follow-up to the critically acclaimed Sun Dance CD. Keeping in mind the party like, relaxed attitude, this CD is just plain fun. The title cut Plastic Pink Flamingos was actually serioiusly considered for the new Florida State Song. The song Once Upon A Paradise became the theme for the Oceans First Foundation, and Eventide was used in a documentary for the late Oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Nicks song Hurricane Town is heard on the radio whenever a hurricane threatens the coasts. You can hear this music in the Florida Welcome Centers from Jacksonville to Key West. The term Flockers was coined form this CD as a term of endearment for Nicks Fans, his fan club now numbers over 11,000. Contains the hit songs: Margarita Meltdown, Survive, Plastic Pink Flamingos and Hurricane Town.
The latest release from Nick Granato continues his journey. This CD is true a mix of all the previous elements that have been highlighted from Nick's past offerings. Distinctively inspiring and uplifting, but still carrying that philosophical "Nick" quality that he has become known for. There is an endearing aspect to these songs, that keep you engaged with the melodies. A diverse offering of musical styles , as some simply put it - "Nick" Music!