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Outside The Lines
2007 marked a change of direction for Nick Granato, moving from his popular fun Florida Style music, into a more serious socially and politically inspired music. With a folk/rock edge, an uncompromising message keeps the focus in this multi-award winning CD. Nick was honored by the Stonewall Society by garnering five prestigious Pride In The Arts nominations and winning two of their most important awards, including CD Of The Year and Artist Of The Year. #1 CD for 2007 on the Outvoice Top 40, with such a strong holding power in 2008, the CD took the #5 postion for the year. This CD spent 5 months at #1, with over 24 months on the charts, and delivered several #1 songs. To date, this CD is Nick Granato at his best . Contains the hit songs; My Ordinary Life, Who I Am, No More Stones, Everybody Has A Heart and Color Outside The Lines.

** 2007 CD Of The Year - Pride In The Arts     
** 2007 Artist Of The Year - Pride in The Arts
** Nominated for "5" 2007 Pride In the Arts Awards
* contains hit songs -  "My Ordinary Life", "Who I Am", No More Stones", Everybody Has A Heart" & "Color Outside the Lines".
*"My Ordinary Life" #87 Billboard Singles Chart 2/ 2008

** ALL songs written by Nick Granato unless noted

From the beginning of recorded time, we humans have been in this ongoing race. Who can out do who, and how much we can accumulate. Wealth, power, prestige and domination tend to be the standard fare. It never seems to matter who or what gets crushed and destroyed in the process. Many empires have risen, many have fallen. The process has taken a huge toll on our earthly environment. Total disregard for anyone or anything in our way has brought us yet again to the brink of complete extinction. One day we might come to realize that our only real nemesis is our own self importance
(V1) We dont know where it started, or how we got this far, And some of us dont have a clue, exactly where we are, With all the pushing and the shoving, just to be the one in front, Some play fair, some dont care, and others point and judge Oh and (CHORUS 1) Everybodys running, like theres no time to waste, We all find out the hard way that we cant keep up this pace, Some fall with spirits broken, others vow to one day finish, But most of us are looking just to placeIn this human race. (V2) Through years of greed and fighting, Weve seen the track get torn to pieces, By those who think their faster and see themselves as great, Some have been held back by stronger, while others use the weaker, And some are just too far gone to save Oh and (CHORUS 2) Everybodys running, some try to cheat their fate, Some of us are leading, and some are led astray, Yeah, we all see the dangers, yet we dont heed the warnings, While some are just concerned with saving face.In this human race.  (BRIDGE) We take 3 steps forward, then we take 2 steps back, Cant you see for years weve all been going nowhere fast. Not everyone can win, but sadly everyone can lose, If we dont take time to slow down and stop listening to the fools. (BREAK) (CHORUS 2) Oh and everybodys running, some fall in disgrace, Some of us reach out to help, some just get in the way, Some pay to get position, others seek out higher powers, But most of us just try to keep the faithIn this human race. Yeah most of us are trying to find our wayIn this human race. In this human race. Oh yeah everybodys running  - In this human race (c) 2007 Song Harbor Music/BMI

COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES - The Story - To most, life is quiet and everyone appears content, turn up the volume a little they look up from their comatose states, turn it up even more, you might get an ugly stare or two, a little more might bring some comments and warnings full blast now youve got their attention! When you conform to what is considered normal you get swept under the rug, no one cares. When you dare to go against the flow, and they notice, youre going to have problems. Try something as simple as dressing in a way that our culture considers unacceptable and then see what happens. Our culture has been so misled. Diversity should be celebrated, not condemned. Change is inevitable and natural evolution happens. They have tried to slow it down, but they know they can never stop it. Our culture can accept change with grace, or in time, it will eventually overcome them and crash down around them. As opposed to what they thought, life is only quiet when your head is buried in the sand!

COLOR OUT SIDE THE LINES - You can do what you want as long as you keep to yourself, You can be who you are as long as its somewhere else, Its a Simon Says life; you must do whats expected, After all its our way of life theyre protecting, So we follow the obvious, the blind leading the blind and No one cares until you color outside the lines - Its a paint-by-number predictable situation, A black and white world with Technicolor implications, Move to the rhythm of a different drum, One steps out and they all come undone, They try to ignore the things that they cant define No one cares until you color outside the lines (Chorus)When its not picture perfect, and you dare to be different, Thats when they open their eyes, Theyll try to deny it, and then try to hide it, By covering up what they find, The only time they look your way, Is when you mess with their precious designs, And no one cares, until you color outside the lines, Its not about how you look; its just your appearance, No its not about what you say; its just how they hear it, Speak out of turn; they put a mark on the page, Say too much, youll be feeling their rage, You must conform to what they all decide, Cause no one cares, until you color outside the lines. (Chorus) They dont like your crayon shades, or the pictures that you choose, And youre abstract styles just a bit too wild, To say the least theyre not amused. No, dont let them stop you, dont let them tell you, That youre not doing it right, Because no one cares until you color outside the lines, No one cares until you color outside the lines. Yeah God smiles. When you color outside the lines © 2004 Song Harbor Music/BMI

MY ORDINARY LIFE - The Story - Ok, I admit it, there have been times that I wished that my life could be mediocre and mundane. Ive wished I could be content sitting in a cubical somewhere, working a standard 9 to 5 job, making a good living with a 401K, health insurance and the such. I often wondered what it would be like to be what I considered normal. Then I woke up! I realized I had put myself to sleep, how boring. YAWN! Life is what you make it, and when you add everything else you werent expecting, it becomes an adventure. I live an exciting life, sure it has its twists and turns, its not perfect by any standard, but its rarely dull. I do know that when I stumble and fall, I must have been either running or flying or I wouldnt have noticed when I hit the ground. With yet another lesson learned, at least I can say I was living!

MY ORDINARY LIFE  - (V1) Ive not found an easy way, tried some and Ive always paid But I hold on, come what may, come what might, This heart of mines been torn apart,Ive loved too much and way too hard, And Ive questioned trust and Ive watched it lie in this, My ordinary life (Chorus) The twists and turns along the way, and everyday Im tempting fate,Struggling through whats wrong and right, in this my ordinary life, Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall, I suppose dont we all, And every days an uphill climb, in this, my ordinary life (V2) Yes I have made my mistakes,Lost some, learned some on the way, I hurt like you, I laugh I cry, I hold my breath through troubled times, And everyday I pray for strength, so I can look them in the face, I wish some days that I could hide from this, My ordinary life (Chorus) (V3) Well in some eyes they say Ive sinned, But I know my God and He forgives, And those that point I just dismiss, as nothing more than blind, So Ill live each day like its my last cause time on earth is turning fast, And theres no gain in what Ive left behind, in this my ordinary life (Chorus) (TAG) Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall,I suppose dont we all, and every days an uphill climb In this my ordinary life In this my ordinary life In this my ordinary life  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

DOWN THE ROAD OF COMPROMISE - The Story - The road of compromise is a tricky place. I am not proud to admit it, but I know it well. I try not to visit it much anymore, but every now and then I find myself wandering down that familiar path. When I get that sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach, thats when I know Im there. Sometimes Ive allow others to lead me, other times Ive arrived there all by myself. Ive met some interesting people there, some are evil, most are very unhappy, and others just arent even aware of where they are or how they got there. If you sacrifice youre principles, and you allow others to dictate and persuade whats good and right in your life then youve compromised, youve sold yourself out. Life is not engineered to always be balanced. Having your world shaken and turned upside down allows us to reflect, which in turn teaches us to grow and learn.

DOWN THE ROAD OF COMPROMISE - Wont you take a walk with me, down this old familiar road? If you havent been there yet, its about time you should go, Just dont be distracted by what takes you by surprise, Youve got to turn your head, and keep on walking by, Down the road of compromise, Youll hear some beg for money, and some will beg for bread, But I suggest you pick up your pace, and get away from them, After all you know everyones just out to take your last dime, And youll find, most everybody lies, Down the road of compromise, Just step over fallen angels, whove been left out in the cold, Dont worry about the sick, the opressed, the hurt, the old, And dont be fooled by children who stare with hungry eyes Compassions not a virtue for the wise, Down the road of compromise, Youll meet lots of friendly faces there, wholl try to change your mind, At times the road gets narrow, and youll wander with the blind, But you might not be welcomed in their Gods paradise But dont mind them; theyve spent a lot of time, Down the road of compromise, Youll pass right by devils, thieves & diplomats, Its hard to tell the difference, so youd better watch your back, Some will offer prayers and some pretend to take your side, But the truth will always be so hard to find Down the road of compromise, So wont you take a walk with me, down familiar this old road? I can show you where to walk, and just how far to go, Theres no need to worry, if youll just wear your disguise, Cause nothings worth that much sacrifice, Down the road of compromise, Yes, you could make a difference, but standing up might cost your life,Its easier to just keep on walking by. Down the road of compromise Down the road of compromise Down the road of compromise © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

WHAT IS LOVE - The Story - What is love? Some would say this is a question for our spiritual leaders, but in reality there is a simple answer, it is personal. Many individuals have discovered the answer this question, others like to manipulate it, to fit their agendas. No one person or definition can define love; even Websters has a variety of definitions. Though they have tried, love cannot be truly defined. Love cannot be legislated, and it cannot be forced, or be made to cease to exist. Love defies human definition, yet defines our existence. Why do some feel we need to know? Well thats a whole different discussion concerning fear and power. So what is love quite possibly our sole reason for being.

WHAT IS LOVE - (V1) What is love I could try to describe it, but words dont do justice I only know how it feels, What is loveThere isnt anything like it, nothing so trusting, And you know when its real Like a child to a mother,brother to brother Lover to lover, the way we treat each other God (Chorus) What is loveWhats with all this commotion? Its just a simple emotion everyone knows What is love It doesnt need definition, Laws or petitions Cant we leave it alone? What is love (V2) What is love A human equation, a kind of elation nothing can erase, What is love ones interpretation, divine revelation? A beautiful placeLike father to daughter, Sister to brother Lover to lover, the way we treat each other God (chorus) (Bridge) Love has many shades and sides, it plays so many parts,And love is not a mystery to solve; its a matter of the heart Let it go. Cant we leave it alone!!! What is love Gods own creation, our hearts destination, A spiritual quest its only a guess. (Chorus) © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

NO MORE STONES - The Story - Stones hurt, almost as much as words. We have fine tuned the art of the blame game. There doesnt appear to be a shred of respect for each other anymore. Its become a no holds barred or fight to win mentality. The key word here is respect or lack of it. It has gotten out of hand, and frankly Im tired of it. Why does someone have to be wrong? People hate other people and they dont even know why? Maybe its because they dont understand each other. Maybe if everyone stopped shouting rhetoric at each other, they might actually hear what the others are saying. We all have common ground, we hurt, we bleed, and we cry do I detect a theme of sorts here? Drop the stones, bite your tongue and open your ears its time to listen and hear.

NO MORE STONES  - (V1) You dont have to love me; you dont even have to like me, But all I ask is that you just respect what I believe, We all have opinions, of what we see as truth But my interpretation may not be the same as you, Cause everyone is different, yet everyones the same, We all make excuses; we all like to place the blame. (Chorus 1) And I dont want to be accused of blindly throwing stones at you, and I dont want to feel the pain inside my heart when you throw them too, and I dont really think its wise, to pick up stones and ruin lives, Dont you think its time we all should grow no more stones (V2) You could choose to hate me, maybe you dont understand me, But I cant be responsible for how you choose to feel, If we listen to each other, we might find some common ground, Weve got to get beyond our pettiness, before it all comes crashing down (Chorus 1) (Bridge) Theres no need to point a finger, cause everyones to blame, Dont you think lifes hard enough, Cant you see its time to change. (Chorus 2)  No I dont want to start a war of words, Just to wound your soul and make you hurt, Id Rather sit and take the time to try and make a better life, And I really dont feel we all should fight, just because we think were right, We all know its time for us to grow no more stones Dont you think its time we all should grow no more stones, Let them go no more stones no more stones  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

EVERYBODY HAS A HEART - The Story - We all feel, we all hurt, we all cry. It amazes me that some people act as though they are the only ones who have feelings. Even the nastiest among us hurt deep down. Acknowledging that thought should be enough to make people think twice about what they say and how they say it. We should always consider the consequences of our actions. Hearts are at stake, lives hang in the balance, and your words and actions could determine the outcome. The line is thin between love and hate. Everyone is different, yet everyones the same. So you should always ask yourself this question before doing or speaking How would you feel if the tables were turned?

EVERYBODY HAS A HEART *featuring Lynsae Harkins - Everybody has a heart, everybody feels some pain, Everybody sees the need, and sometimes we turn away, Nobody wants to bear the burden; nobody wants to take the blame, Nobody, oh, nobody, and its a shame, Everybody needs a voice; everybody has something to say, Everybody thinks theres a choice; sometimes it all sounds the same, Nobody wants to be the one; nobody wants to touch the flame, Nobody, oh, nobody and its a shame. But how long, can we be indifferent? And how far, can we watch each other fall? And how hard, can we make each other cry; watch each other crawl, watch each other die, ah somebody anybody, If somebody showed compassion, if anybody took time to care, Then everybody would see the difference, And nobody would live in fear, Cause everybodys searching for someone, Everybody needs to be loved Everybody needs, everybody else, anybody oh, And how long, will it take for us to turn around? And how hard, does it really have to be? And how loud, must our voices be for all to hear, To change hearts, share dreams, its got to start with you and me Oh somebody anybody oh, Everybody has a heart, everybody feels some pain, Everybody sees the need, and sometimes we turn away, And its a shame © 2003 Song Harbor Music/BMI

CHAIN LINK FENCES - The Story -  Something that is so obvious is sometimes the one thing that we dont see. As profound as that sounds, its true. We allow people to tell us what we think, what we feel, how to react, what to say, weve become a world of sheep. From politicians to religious leaders and all points in between, we have been bombarded with a stream of propaganda and agendas. They usually end up causing more harm than good. False pretenses are never followed with anything good. I suppose with age comes wisdom, and these days I can see them coming way long before they get here! Beware of anyone with transparent intentions, and remember to never hide behind chain link fences, at least not around me!
CHAIN LINK FENCES -  People try to define, who stands where and on what side But Ive find when we draw lines someone just gets left behind, They come to you with false pretenses, Truth is we can see right through them. Transparent intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences, Ive seen kings & queens, popes & presidents, Hide behind their words and palaces, Some pray, some make promises, They dont dare to see the consequenc Of what they said, or how they lead, The truth is you can see right through them, Transparent intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences (Chorus)They fill our heads with what they want, with all their propaganda, Sometimes its so hard to see, past their arrogant agendas, But if you just look closer you will see its an illusion, Created to distract you with all of their confusion (v2) Ive heard some say, they speak for God, Translate; whats right and wrong, They claim to know his every thought, They have they answers to it all, Theyll prey upon our self convictions, Look close, you can see right through them Transparent intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences (Chorus) (Break) This world will try to redefine, separate and then divide, But I say you best think twice, before you let them change your life, Theyll come to you, with false pretenses, Truth is you can see right through them. Transparent intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences, Transparent intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences Transparent -intentions Like hiding behind chain link fences © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

RHYTHM OF LIFE - The Story - I wrote this song to encourage myself to follow my own advice, hows that for confusing? I wanted to write something uplifting and fun. In the last verse I make the statement so take every day for granted, and make every moment count. I was asked if thats what I meant to say, and I said yup. I figure if you take each day for granted, you wont dwell on it too much. Theres nothing wrong with that, as long as you make every moment count. Life has a rhythm and if you move with it, everything seems to roll and flow, when you fight the current, it can become tiring and sometimes it can pull you under. The choice seems easy, just keep dancing to the music, groovin to the rhythm of life! I like the thought of that! Keep Groovin! 

RHYTHM OF LIFE  -  V1 Everyday youll find me thanking God, for just another day to breathe, Sure theres things that I still want, but I have everything I need, Regrets are best left forgotten somewhere in the past, Cause theres no time to waste these days, everything moves so fast (Chorus) Youve got to learn to take chances, Stepping over every line, youve got to Love without limits; teach your heart how to fly Youve got to (Just) Listen to your spirit, Feel it movin inside Just keep dancing to the music Groovin to the rhythm of life V2 Life is never easy, At times it hurts like hell, Sometimes you see it coming, other times its hard to tell, When you feel the world start closing in, just remember what youve found, Go ahead, skip a beat, turn the music way up loud (youve got to) (Chorus) (Bridge) Let go holding on just holds you back, And know no one has to live like that no  V3 So take everyday for granted, make every moment count, Cause theres no need in living in the shadow of a doubt, Feel the movement of the sunshine, Hear the chorus on the wind, Theres music in your heartbeat, go and show them how to live (Chorus)  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

WAITING ON THE SUN - The Story - Her name is Lorraine Royal. Lorraine was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. During the entire process, from the diagnosis through the months of radiation and chemotherapy I watched in amazement as this 30 something Mother of a small toddler, worked 12+ hour days as a waitress, and still managed to always smile and have a great sense of humor. There were days she looked forlorn, but rarely was she absent. The best part of this story is the fact that Lorraine beat the cancer, through it all, she kept focused forward and she won, actually we all won. Sure there was a lot of pain; it was dark, but when the dust settled she was still standing, victorious, a hero in my eyes, and many others. What an inspiration! I incorporated a little of my own life struggle within the lyrics, as well as some other friends stories. I offer this song to all who have walked a similar dark road of disease, misfortune and heartache; your song has not gone unsung. For those of you still walking that dark road, my hope is you find some inspiration in this song to keep pressing on. 

WAITING ON THE SUN -  (V1) Its been a long night, at times I wondered if Id make it through, Its been a hard fight, now Im feeling somewhat broken, And black and blue, It wasnt easy, but somehow mornings just about to come And Im still standing, just waiting on the sun.  (v2)I was reaching, but I couldnt find another hand to hold, They kept preaching, but their words of loveJust seemed to leave me cold Disillusioned, confused I couldnt tell which way was up, But Im still standing, mm-mm, just waiting on the sun (Chorus) I dared the edge, thought I could fly, I fell head first and almost died, At some point I stopped asking why, Cause Im only flesh and blood, Ive danced with devils in disguise, Ive seen my super heroes cry, Traumatized, I should have turned and run, But Im still standing, mm, just waiting on the sun (V3)In the darkness, oh I stumbled on myself along the way, And I wandered, down the road to no where trying to escape, Desperation, watching all around me come undone But Im still standing, Im still standing, just waiting on the sun (Break) (Chorus) (Tag) Oh Ive lost my way, out in the dark, I wasnt sure that I could trust my heart, Now I find that Im much stronger than I was, Cause Im still standing, Im still standing, just waiting on the sun, Im still standing, mmm, waiting on the sun © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

PURPLE CONSPIRACY  - The Story - Here's the story. When I was 5 years old I wanted a purple bike. So my Mom and Dad did their best to sway me to a more neutral color like blue or green. Much to their dismay I could not be moved and insisted that the bike be purple. They warned me that purple was not a boys color and that I might get picked on by other kids. I was still unconvinced, they gave in and I got a purple bike. Yes, I got picked on, and even got beat up over it. I never did understand the prejudice over a color until I got older and a bit more enlightened. Was society that narrow minded? I decided there was a conspiracy against the color purple, and as an adult, I was forced underground. Ive come to question our culture and their definitions of normal. Is it really normal to be threatened by a mere color? If its not traditional in their eyes, does that make it wrong? Arent there more important issues we should be addressing? Its time to get beyond this backward thought process, its time to evolve.

PURPLE CONSPIRACY - (V1) It all starts when were born, Something simple like the clothes we wore, Girls wear pink, boys wear blue, Im wondering who made up these rules, Even as we grow nothing really changed , Everyone still thinking pretty much the same, Weve all been judging by color all along, Its easy to see somethings really wrong  (Chorus) Cause theres a Purple conspiracy, Nothing but a cultural tragedy, You got to cover up, got to hold back, Cause they do want to see a color like that, Theyll say you should try blue or maybe green, You got to blend in if you know what I mean, You should try a color thats not so bold, You might find people wouldnt be so cold. (V2) For years weve all been living this lie, Handed down to every child, Its ok to be who you are, As long as you dont go too far, It scares me to think people live that way, But you can see it everyday, Just watch the way they turn up their nose I think its time theyre all exposed (Chorus) (Bridge) They all will to tell you whats good and what right, And how everythings supposed to be in life, Well I believe theres been a crime (Chorus)  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

 The Story - A true story complete with worry lines, desperation and tears. When I wrote this song it seemed like everyone and everything around me was in crisis. My brother, my friends, the world but then again theres always a crisis happening somewhere. Some of us look for them and live from crisis to crisis, not ever stopping to breath. A lot of us refuse to take responsibility for our own created disasters, and some dont even realize what theyve done to themselves. We need to get beyond ourselves and our own problems and look for the good in things, then possibly the crisis wont seem quite so all consuming.

CRISIS  - Last night I got a phone call from my brother Joe , He said he wishes life would just leave him the hell alone, He said hed do things different if he had another chance, I said to him you still can, he said, no I cant Crisis - Well I was having lunch the other day with an old friend of mine, She said the guy she was seeing for months, had told her goodbye, She said shes too old for these games and shes running out of time, I said your no youre not, she said, I am. Crisis (Chorus 1) I can see the worry lines embedded on their faces, You dont have to look real hard its easy to trace it, Broken dreams and promises that lead to desperation, Living through another no win situation. Crisis Crisis (V3) On the news the other night they showed pictures of a war, Well, Its hard to tell whos fighting who and what were fighting for, The commentary always seems to slant to someones side, It seems were all accustomed to this indifferent kind of life Crisis (Chorus 2)Weve got politics and world events keep our hearts beating faster, Weve all become so weary everyday we face disaster, We analyze, politicize, and criticize our trauma, With Talk shows, and radio, exploiting all the drama Crisis Crisis Social rage and empathy, clouding up reality, Self absorbed philosophies, leading us to tragedy (break) (v4) Some of us look up to God for answers we cant find, And some of us blame someone else, while others are just blind, But if we choose to see the good, and we looked beyond ourselves, Life wouldnt feel so dark here, like weve all fallen in a well. Crisis Crisis Crisis.
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI 

WHO I AM  - The Story - This song is a very intimate look at my personal journey, and how I came to be who I am. Ive often reflected on the fact that who I am is ever changing; we are all a work in progress. Ive made mistakes, lots of them. Ive reached for the brass ring, Ive grabbed it a couple of times, and Ive dropped it just as many. Ive had my heart broken, my trust betrayed and my words twisted. Ive been judged, condemned and redeemed. Ive known love and hate; Ive sought and shared forgiveness and mercy. Ive wallowed in the pits of despair, and Ive soared on wings and touched the face of God. I boastfully proclaimed this song was all about me, until a friend of mine heard it; she cried and then said that I had written a song all about HER life! I guess that proves were really not as different as we like to think we are!

WHO I AM -  Wasted too much time trying to figure it out, Complicated up the truth with doubt, Should have listened to my inner voice, Said I never really had a choice - I heard what they all had to say, but I never felt the same, I couldnt share my point of view, in fear of what Id lose, I questioned and I reasoned why, no place to run, no place to hide (CHORUS) And I traveled down this beaten path, Too scared to look, too lost to ask, And I did my best for being just a man, Well (no) Im not the first, I wont be the last, To make my way and not turn back, On this journey only few can understand, Down this long and winding roadto who I am. (v2) So many years in search of truth, through the pain I missed the proof, In hindsight I can clearly see, the way it was supposed to be, Broken hearts and sleepless nights, wasnt what I had in mind, But I knew deep down in time, all the wrongs would turn out right (CHORUS) (BRIDGE) Some disguised as friends, but really demons, Armed with their smiles and hidden reasons, Through all the trials and all the treasons, I heard wisdom from my past, Sayinghold on, this too shall pass.. (CHORUS) No Im not the first, I wont be the last, To make my way and not turn back, On this journey only few can understand, Down this long and winding road down this long and winding road To who I am. To who I am Its who I am (c) 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI