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"Once Upon A Paradise"
from the CD "Plastic Pink Flamingos

Ocean's First Federation

My song "Once Upon A Paradise" touched a lot of people, especially those who hold the enviroment close. I did a luncheon gig for the folks at Ocean's First back in 2005. Around the same time my CD "Plastic Pink Flamingo's" had come out. I was initially hired because of my earlier "Sun Dance" CD because they liked the beachy feel about it. When they heard "Once Upon A Paradise" from the Flamingo Cd they adopted it as a theme and sent me on a 27 city national tour. It was subsequently picked up by the National Audubon Society where they used the song as well. I still work closely with Ocean's First and we have been planning another conservation fundraising CD.

I've requested the video they produced so i can post it here. In the meantime enjoy the track from my CD.