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The Video

The song 'Survive' has become an anthem of sorts. I wrote this song during a very dark period in my life. From that darkness, light sprung forth, this song. The countless letters and emails I have received concerning how this song has touched many continues to move me. I recorded the song in 2005, as a last minute addition to my 'Plastic Pink Flamingos' CD. Since then, the song has been recorded by at least 6 different artists.

In 2008 my close friend Pamala Stanley recorded 'Survive' for her 'Season's Of My Heart' CD. Her version was chosen the 2008/2009 theme for the
Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure!

I was both honored and humbled.
- Nick -

Race For The Cure

Pamala Stanley's version of my song "Survive"
Video by Susan G. Komen - Race For The Cure