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The latest release from Nick Granato continues his journey. This CD is true a mix of all the previous elements that have been highlighted from Nick's past offerings. Distinctively inspiring and uplifting, but still carrying that philosophical "Nick" quality that he has become known for. There is an endearing aspect to these songs, that keep you engaged with the melodies. A diverse offering of musical styles , as some simply put it - "Nick" Music!

** Nominated for "4" 2009 SongFolk Journal Awards
** Nominated for "2" 2009 Pride In Arts Awards
** Nominated for 2009 "CD of The Year" Unashamed Cafe
* contains hit songs - "Living Out Loud", "Underneath", "Standing On the Corner", "That's Just What Love Does"  & "Don't Be Afraid Of Me"

** ALL songs written by Nick Granato unless noted

Im not going to quote clichés or tired rhetoric. I wont preach or make you feel bad about what we do as humans. Im only going to ask you to step back, get beyond your own self, and attempt to observe through anothers eyes. Try and understand what theyre feeling. Obviously if one comes from a different ethnic, economic or cultural background that might be difficult. So let me make it easier for you, just peel all that back, and guess what we are all pretty much exactly the same - just flesh and bone. We all feel hurt and joy - we laugh and cry we dream, we hope no difference. We all travel different roads, but underneath were all the same, just people.  We should all try remembering that.

(Verse1) I may never know the pain, that youve been through, Or the things youve seen that, no one ever should, And I wont pretend I understand, the things you do, Or exactly what it is, that Ive misunderstood -  Yet were all standing in this place, some with anger some with grace, Holding someone elses hate,  but still  (Chorus) Underneath were all the same, Flesh and bone, were all afraid, Words can cut so quick and deep, Were not so different, when we bleed, Behind these eyes we hide our pain, So many scars, its such a shame, Oh If only we could see...  Were not so different underneath  (Verse 2) I cant see your scars, hidden deep inside your skin, And you cant know my heart, cause you dont know where Ive been, The roads weve chosen, sometimes without a choice, Are never easy for those without a voice,  But were all standing in this place, some respecting, some disgraced, Holding someone elses fate ... (Chorus) (Bridge) We cant keep blaming someone else; we all must get beyond ourselves,There's just too much here at stake. And God doesnt make mistakes No, God doesnt make mistakes. (Break)  Were all standing in this place, some with anger some with grace, Holding someone elses hate But (Chorus)  © 2009 Song Harbor Music/BMI

BE THERE - The Story - Bestest friend, and fellow songwriter Lynsae Harkins emailed me a song she had been working on about friendship, saying that sometimes its more important as a friend to just be there, dont speak, just be there as a friend. I was struck by the irony because its the same philosophy for the Hospice organization. For the last several years or so I have monthly gone to Hospice and played music for the patients and their families. At times its very difficult, but its still very personally rewarding just to see someone smile in such an adverse situation. Its good to distract from the obvious. Sometimes I dont sing, Ill sit and just visit, other times I say nothing and just be there, maybe hold a hand. As a friend, I understand the value of a friend that does not offer unsolicited advice, doesnt judge, and doesnt say anything to fill silence. Sometimes all we need is someone to be there for support, more times than not, unspoken love is the strongest kind. Just be there.

BE THERE - (Words & Music By Lynsae Harkins & Nick Granato) - (V1)There comes a time when words are just words, And theres nothing you can say that will comfort the hurt, Sometimes just a smile or the touch of a hand, Can heal from the inside when nothing else can,Theres a peace in just knowing someones there to hold you, Without any questions, just someone who cares (Chorus) Be there, be a shoulder to cry on, Someone to count on when the world closes in, Be there, be a harbor to hide in, A place to confide in, a genuine friend, Just be there Just be there. (V2)When theres no advice left to give and loneliness settles in, Wiping the tears may be all you can do,In those hours of darkness, just sitting in silence, Could be all someone needs to carry them through, Theres a calm reassurance just knowing theres someone, You trust there beside you, a safe place to fall (Chorus) (Bridge) Be the strength that they lean on, show some compassion, Sometimes love is all somebody needs (break) (Chorus 2xs) Tag - Be there, someone is waiting Somebody somewhere is counting on you Be there, a place to confide in, a genuine friend Just be there Just be there Just be there  © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

LIVING OUT LOUD- The Story - What is living out loud? It sounds simple enough, but just try explaining it to someone. My definition is living life to its fullest, seizing every opportunity, and never allow life to be predictable. Now with that said, there is a thin line between reality and reckless abandon, but to truly live life, one must step out of their safe zone. Once you get the courage to take that first step, you wont settle for the other existence. So put yourself in the correct frame of mind, get on the highway, roll your windows down, crank up your favorite music as loud as you can (this song works for that) and ignore your rear-view mirror. This is the first step to a new way of thinking, and with any luck, youll figure out how to live out loud!

LIVING OUT LOUD- -Ive got my windows down and my radio up - Pushing downn the gas pedal pressing my luck, Tempting fates more fun than it sounds - Oh and thats what I love about living out loud Stirring up trouble, just to be heard, Moving to the front, and taking my turn, Standing up, to stand out of the crowd Yeah and thats what I love about living out loud (Chorus) Cause lifes for the living, got to dance while you can - Leave the dying for the dead; youve got to take another chance, Have some fun, turn it upside down - I love living out loud (v2)Well I dont like people getting in my face, And I dont care if they dont like what I say, Ill speak my mind, and Ill hold my ground, Oh dont mind me Im just living out loud(Chorus) (Bridge) Well I dont deal dirt, and I wont mince words, And If everybodys honest, then nobody gets hurt - And I wont be censored just to be shut down - I love living out loud... (break) Ive got my windows down and my radio up - Why dont you climb on in and press your luck - Its time to make your mark, dont wallow in the doubt - Youll have a lot more fun, when your living out loud (Chorus) © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

DON'T BE AFRAID OF ME- The Story - Guilty we all are at some level. Weve all done it and not even realized it. When people are different, in any regard, we evaluate them, judge them and label them. Most of us are afraid of what we dont know, so we avoid eye contact, or we stare. Some even go as far as to point, and make a rude comment, chuckle or even worse; they bring harm or even death to those that are different from themselves. Its scary to think that someone could actually be in real danger because of their faith, skin, sexuality, physical abnormality or whatever. Im not going to preach tolerance; Im going to implore compassion. Think first, before you react, before you say or do something that will leave a scar, it might be just an uncomfortable moment for you, but for the other person, its a lifetime.

DON'T BE AFRAID OF ME - I heard the whispers, I felt the laughter, I could sense the tension, when I entered the room, You dont know me, yet you still judged me, Just because Im not the same as you.. (Chorus) Dont be afraid me, please look me in the eye, Dont be afraid me, I bleed, I dream, I cry, Just like you do, so dont believe the lies, Dont be afraid of me, dont be afraid of me, But I wonder should I be afraid of you (v2) Youre looking nervous; you try to act cool, Youre just hoping that all your friends wont see,So you hurl an insult, you crack a bad jokeJust like stones, you throw them both at me(Chorus) (Bridge)I can see the fear buried deep inside, And I can hear the words youre hiding behind, Just because were different, doesnt mean were not the same, My heart works just like yours, we all feel the pain (Chorus) (tag)Tell me, should I be afraid of you, Dont be afraid of me, Dont be afraid of me..© 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

OLD FRIEND - The Story - A special thanks to my buddy Wanette McQuitty for bringing her beautiful vocals and warm heart to such an important song. This song is full of bittersweet moments, both in the writing and the recording. Wanette and I have been recording colleagues for years. A Nick CD is incomplete without her voice. Wanette became featured on this song due to some unfortunate events. Country Music legend and longtime friend Darlene Austin was originally supposed to record this song with me. Months of health issues for her, and her family prevented Darlene from getting into the studio. Add to that, time and distance interfering with communications, and it just never properly came together. I was saddened by the circumstances, but time had me cornered. Wanette graciously stepped in to finish the recording and did a beautiful job. No matter what the end, Darlene remains part of this song in both love and spirit and I thank her for her efforts in such a chaotic time in her life. Im blessed to have friends all over the globe, unfortunately the logistics of life and distance seem to keep us apart for way too long. This song tells the story of my very good friends Andrea & Patrick Boland, but it can be applied to so many others, to list them would take another page. So you know who you are, I love you and miss you - and I hope to see you again real soon! Please call!

OLD FRIEND -(V1) Last time you saw me, I was working on my dreams,And youd left to start your new life, out on the coast, Well Its hard to believe, its feels like eternity, But we can pick back up, right where we left off, I know weve talked, on the phone a couple times , What I wouldnt give, just to look in your eyes, (Chorus) Its been way too long; theres been too much time, It seems like yesterday, but the years have slipped by, It doesnt matter where weve gone, I dont care where weve been A love like ours never ends Old friend (V2) So many good times, they always make me smile, The laughter we shared, all the tears that we cried,Well I could not imagine wed be this far apart, Though youre miles away, youre still right here in my heart(Bridge) Well Ive wonder what youre thinking;  Id imagine what youd say Its a shame we let our lives, getin the way  Old friend, my old friend my old friend. (Break) (Chorus)(Tag)The last time you saw me, I was working on my dreams,And youd left to start your new life, out on the coast,If I had money & time, you know Id make that driveBut this note will have to do until then, and here we go again My old friend, my old friend, here we go again my old friend, my old friend, oh I miss you my friend my old friend  © 2006 Song Harbor Music Inc/BMI

THAT'S JUST WHAT LOVE DOES - The Story - I can honestly say that I never really understood how deep love can run. Of course there are all kinds of love, but in its base form, love is love. I have discovered that love is the strongest most durable thing we have as humans. Spiritual, personal, romantic, self it is all relevant. True love does not waiver, it is patient, and it is kind. This song started out as a ditty, and ended up strong and confident. When everything else fails, love stands cause thats just what love does. This song was from my favorite Scripture 1 Corinthians 13:4-13

THAT'S JUST WHAT LOVE DOES -  (Verse 1)Youll never see love separate, or divide, Love does not discriminate, never chooses sides, You can always count on love, against all odds Even when it seems all hope against all hope is but gone (because)(Chorus) Love is patient, love is kind True love stands the test of time When youre down, love will lift you up  No and Love will never leave you stranded, All alone and empty handed When you fall, real love never runs Cause thats just what love does (thats what love does)Cause thats just what love does (thats what love does)(Verse 2) When all around seems to crumble, love still stands, No matter how dark it is, you can take loves handLove will always find a way, to pull you through, Even when you think youve done, all that you can do, (because)(Chorus)(Bridge)With compassion and forgiveness Real love would never compromiseSo dont you ever doubt it,Love alone conquers every time... (Break)(Chorus) © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

PASSIONATE LIFE  - The Story - Hi, my name is Nick Granato, and I live a passionate life. Its not easy, but I speak of my life with a certain level of experience, with a whole lot more to learn, and a lot more mistakes to be made. I have spent my life getting past obstacles, overcoming daily difficulties, keeping focus of my dreams and goals, and picking myself back up when I have been knocked down for the 10,000th time. Life is full of disappointments, but its also full of joy. Now understand there have been times I have walked away, threw in the towel and gave up I thought, at least for the moment. When there is something inside you, something that drives you, you develop a passion in your heart, one that will motivate you. The love of my family, my music, my purpose and my faith are what drives me. That love gives me the ability to find the strength to press forward and face the world head on. Learning how to love and live are the keys, and that is easier said than done. One day Ill figure out that some of my own songs have become an epiphany of sorts, a self proclamation. After all, I did write when you learn how to love, and you love how live now thats a passionate life see what I mean?

PASSIONATE LIFE - (V1) just mundane, everyday mediocrity, Slows down your thinking, all your hopes and dreams,You cant stop, just because youve stalled When you face a dead-end, youve got to climb the wall Youve got to keep the sun in sight, know your heart and mind, - To live a passionate life (v2) Just open up your thoughts, use your imagination Anything is possible with the right motivation,When you feel the heat, thats when you know its right, Know what you want, and then just hold on tightYou might reach a little higher, maybe stand inside the fire - To live a passionate life (chorus)Youve got to, turn up the music youve got to, stand in the light -Youll know youre really living, when youre feeling it inside, Take heart in your defeats, dont be a victim of the fight - Get back up, shake it off and get right back in line, Now thats a passionate life (v3) Well chances are youre afraid to take chances, But to really feel the rhythm, you got to start dancing. -The rewards are great, if youre willing to sacrifice, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, if you dont even tr, yYouve got to open up your eyes, convinced that you can fly, To live a passionate life (chorus)(v4) Remember be who you are, and always do the best you can - Forgive and forget, and know when to take a stand, Show respect even when you dont see eye to eye - And always do what it takes to keep your dreams alive - And When youve learned how to love, and when you love how you live, -Now thats a passionate life   © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

FROM THE INSIDE OUT  - The Story - Special thanks to Pamala Stanley, one of the most talented people I know, and who I can proudly say is one of my closest friends! You did an awesome job and I am honored. You should think about singing for a career! I always said Id probably never record a song about romantic love well Ive learned to never say never. I decided that since this CD was about life all the way around, I couldnt leave out this all important subject. Back in early 2001 my life was fast changing, I was healing and growing - I was literally learning how to live again. At the same time my good friend Lauren Veach was going through the same whirlwind in her life. I remember meeting up with her for our weekly Amberbach at Fudpuckers on Okaloosa Island, Florida and having deep discussions about God, life, love and everything else in between. We contemplated happiness and if it was really out there in the cosmos. As fate would have it, Lauren met someone, and I sang this song at her wedding, at the same time, I also met someone who changed my life completely for the better. As the song says, So unexpected, I never thought Id find you here...
FROM THE INSIDE OUT -  (Verse 1)So unexpected, I never thought Id find you here, Unsuspected, when suddenly you appeared, Next thing I knew, I could not catch my breath,How we got to here, I would have never guessed... (Verse 2)I tried to reason with reality, Thinking I had lost all of my sanity, Ill never know where you broke through,But I can tell that youre here, I can feel you move... (Chorus)Inside my soul, inside my heart, inside my mind, Youve become part of me, With every touch, with every kiss, Ive realized, This is not a dream, And I can see me smiling, living in your eyes, Looking through you, looking through me,  There is no doubt... that this is love.  From the inside out... (Verse 3)So overwhelmed, my emotions have forsaken me, Its hard to tell, fact from the fantasy, And theres no way Ill ever really understand, All that I know is this is not what I had planned  (Chorus) (Bridge)You are my air, my every breath, I close my eyes, youre in my head , In my thoughts, I see your face, I feel your presence everyplace...  Cause this is love oh this is love (Chorus) (Tag)So unexpected, I never thought Id find you here... © 2002 Song Harbor Music/BMI

TIME TO CHANGE  - The Story - I had reached that point in my life when one says Ive had enough. This song was written after watching a newscast about hate crimes, it sickened me. The ignorance and the arrogance of some are appalling. For those held down, the time has come to stand up and be counted. The time has arrived to be courageous and bold. Now is the time to break the chains and be free of burden. Now is the time for the oppressed to rise up, for change to take hold, to celebrate to be now.
TIME TO CHANGE -  There'll be no more chains, the kind that hold us down, No more doors, with locks to keep us out, We wont be standing on the outside looking in,, This time I really hope were all listening,, Its Time to change, time to turn the page, Yeah, its time to change now. (v2) We've let go of the fear, and now were not afraid, Way too many tears, along the narrow way, No more shadows, were standing in the sun,, We've come so far for some, but not for everyone Its Time to change, time to rearrange, Yeah, its time to change now.(Chorus) We need to put aside the arrogant pride, And learn from what weve found, Dont waste one minute more, Take the stones and lay them down now (Break) There'll be no more words, the ones that tear us down, That kind of hurt this world can live without, We cant sit on the sidelines anymore, The price we pay is one we cant afford, Its Time to change; its not too late, Yeah, its time to change now (Chorus)There'll be no more shadows; therell be no more chains, There'll be no more fear, cause were not afraid, Its Time to change, time to stop the hate,, Yeah, its time to change why cant we celebrate, , Yeah, Its Time to change, we all need to change,, Yeah, its time to change now  © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

STANDING ON THE CORNER - The Story - This really happened. I was driving in downtown Pensacola Florida one morning in rush hour traffic, when I came to a stop light. There was a man who appeared homeless, dressed in a dirty white robe that resembled Jesus, holding that standard sign that read Repent! The End is near! John 3:16. A group of about 8 people were waiting on the bench for the bus, and there were 2 more standing on the curb anticipating the Dont Walk light to change, and they all seemed to be ignoring one another, it was all very surreal. It reminded me of how we all have a tendency to live in a bubble. Our complacency is only out-shined by being preoccupied with ourselves. We spend our time waiting, when we should be spending our time doing. Imagine what a difference it would make in our world if we all ventured outside our bubble and actually did something worthwhile? Staggering!  

STANDING ON THE CORNER -  I saw him just this morning; in his hands he held a warning, The sign said repent the end is near, John 3:16, On the bench sat people waiting, not a word was shared between them, In their little worlds the watched road for the bus at 8:15, Some waited for the dont walk light to change ***Standing on the corner, waiting for Jesus, Standing on the corner waiting for the morning bus, Standing on the corner at the crosswalk at the light, Were all standing on the corner somewhere waiting,, While life passes by (v2) In the park a homeless woman, dives trash cans for some food, People point and stare, theyre thinking life can be so cruel,, Two lovers walking hand in hand, planning out their lives,, In their little world everything seems to be just fine, As another evening rush begins at 5:00 (Chorus2)Standing on the corner, waiting for Jesus, Standing at the depot waiting for the evening train, Standing on the corner, waving down a taxi, Were all standing on the corner somewhere waiting,, While life passes by.
(bridge)And no one ever hears the lonely; no one ever hears the crying, They all wait for someone else, while someone else lay dying, And no one ever sees what happens; no one ever wants to say, And no one wants to get involved, so they hurry on their way, Waiting in our little worlds waiting standing waiting Standing on the corner, waiting, standing on the corner standing,Waiting on the corner standing waiting waiting ***(Chorus 1)  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

EVOLUTION - The Story - I was listening to the news one afternoon as they interviewed a scientist who spoke about human evolution, and how far we had evolved. It reminded me of a profound statement someone made to me a long time ago about having faith based spirituality, he claimed believing in a God, or faith, is for weak minded people. Needless to say, being a spiritual person, I was taken back, and if I recall a bit offended. As I listened to the scientist explain how we have entered a new plain of enlightenment and how religion is on a downslide because we dont need a God, we control our own destiny. I started thinking about how far we havent come, the many injustices in the world, in my own town. Its easy to overlook those injustices if we dont have a moral obligation to do something about them the song was born, as a question, and as a call to action Ive always believed reflection is important, so there is an accurate picture to grow from.  

EVOLUTION - (V1) So they say man has reached a pinnacle, Weve become so intellectual, so respectable,We always know whats right, And I see Gods taken the back seat, We dont need what we cant see, We've evolved to a new plain of humanity, but were wrong, Explain the wars, the hate, and the poverty, What about the human rights, lack of humility (Chorus) Evolution weve come a long, long way around the sun (2 Gods Son) Evolution have weve come so far just to come undone, We search for truth, we question faith, And quietly, we all pray for loveWhat have we become, Evolution (V2)Can I ask anyone whos listening? Can you hear the cries of the innocent? Whats going on, whats really going wrong? Can it be? This new found existence, Has wounded spirits, leaving scars, Explain the church The lies, and the arrogance, What about the hurt, the blind, and the indifferenc, (Chorus) (Bridge) Its a good thing we dont believe in Hell, cause history repeats itself Cant you see weve all been here before Only God knows whats in store.. Evolution. (Chorus2) 2xs  © 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

DON'T GIVE UP YOUR DREAM - The Story - In October 0f 1993 my Dad went to the doctor thinking he had a bad case of the flu, there he was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. By March 1994, less than 6 months later, he passed away at 57 years old. It was a very tough time, with a lot on my shoulders. The night before he passed in his hospital room, he asked to talk with me alone. He had experienced a shot of energy (as I was told was normal this close to death) With him laboring to breath, we talked about family business, my Mom, her plans, money, and the lack of it. We laughed a little and did our best to ignore the white elephant in the room. As my Dad was beginning to tire and fade, he reached out, grabbed me by the wrist, and told me I needed to finish what I started, he said never give up your dream, and he made me promise. Overnight his condition worsened, he was placed on a respirator and the family was called in. My Dad never regained consciousness and early the morning March 7, 1994 he moved on from this life, and I lost my best friend. I learned a lot about life from him, he lived every moment to its fullest. Ask my brother Joe, we had the best Dad anyone could want. Its still difficult to talk about, but as he would say Life goes on and it does. Oh, and by the way Dad, I live my dream everyday! Thanks Mom & Dad

DON'T GIVE UP OUR DREAM - (V1) Some youll win, some youll lose, but youve got to try, Dont become discouraged, if you have to climb - When youre facing lifes despair, Find the strength youve buried thereSomewhere deep inside of you, there is hope (V2) Some will laugh, and try their best, to change your mind -Theyll tell you lifes too hard and youre just wasting time, But that promise to your-self, You made to you and no one else - You cant really live without your soul. (Chorus)So go ahead and touch the sun, even though they say it cant be done -I dare you to defy, I dare you to try - Go ahead and reach on out, dont ever let them hold you down -If youre feeling it inside, your heart wont be denied -If only you believe keep the faith,  And dont give up your dream (V3) You might hesitate, and you might be afraid -Youll ask yourself is it really worth all this pain? In those moments dont forget - Life is not about regret -The joy is in the journey as you go (Chorus) (BridgeI can see it in your eyes, I know you want to fly, -So just reach up.. (break) So just reach up (Chorus)  © 2009 Song Harbor Music/BMI

MILES - The Story - Ive lived a lot of life; I break it down into chapters so I can have some kind of order out of the chaos. Ive been to the mountaintop, and Ive spent many days wandering through the valleys. Ive experienced the gambit of emotion. When I thought life could not get any better, it did - and just when I thought it couldnt get worse, it did. Ive learned to expect the unexpected, but Im still learning how to roll with it, Im not sure we ever completely figure that part out.  My Dad always said;look for the worse, hope for the best, and pray you fall somewhere in between. Imagine if we knew what the future holds, there wouldnt be any magic moments or lessons learned. The best things in life are unexpected and thats what makes life worth living.  Yeah Ive lived a lot of life but I still have miles.

MILES  - (V1) I have seen the sunset on several different coasts, And Ive been scammed by strangers Who have claimed the Holy Ghost, And I have stood as witness to lifes tragedies and trials, -Sure Ive come a long way down the road, But I still have miles  (V2) I have watched as people were left stranded by their words  Theyve chosen sides, set some fires,  And let their bridges burn, And Ive seen things that made me think, and others Id deny -This road Im on has been real rough at times, -But I still have miles  (Chorus) These endless highways, distant horizons, From where Im standing, Ive left a lot behind me -I dont know what lies ahead, -But thats what makes it all worthwhile, Sure Ive shed some tears, but I cant stop here ,Cause I still have miles (V3) Yeah I have stood by helpless, as I watched hope fade away, And Ive heard the voice of reason make just a few mistakes,, And Ive wrestled with forgiveness, Oh and Ive seen Mercy cry -Sometimes this roads an uphill climb -But I still have miles (Chorus)  (Bridge) Life is just a journey were all walking the same road, And everyones just trying, their best to make it home -But I still have miles (break) (Chorus )  © 2008 Song Harbor Music/BMI

"IN REAL LIFE" - 2009